Dear Lovers,

2022 is coming fast and it is time for us to thank you for this wonderful year. 2021 has been the year for our reunion together, it has been a year full of emotions and most of all, full of joy thank to the idea of welcoming you again. We were looking forward to see a lot of you at La Bourdonnais and you have been there!

Our adventure is not possible without you. We are committed to offering you the most beautiful Parisian and French experiences under the sign of travel and discovery. 2022 will also be under this sign and much more, under the sign of love.

Through this letter, we wanted to wish you very happy New Year accompanied with our best wishes. Moreover, we wish to express our love for you, because, when you enter in La Bourdonnais, our heart beats. When you like our Instagram account, it beats even more. And most of all, when you are happy in our home, our heart pounds wildly!

For this year of 2022, we offer you the key to our heart, because it is yours.

Dear Lovers, this outstanding year of 2021spent by your side is coming to an end in order to let its place to a marvelous new year! We wish you and your loved ones a very happy New Year and we are waiting for you all in 2022 at La Bourdonnais!

Happy New Year!


La Bourdonnais.