The beautiful days are back. With the arrival of spring, the gardens start to green up and the flowers start to open. Every year, it is the same flowers that open the show, those of the Japanese cherry trees.

Every year, the sakura trees make us see life in pink with their hundreds of pastel flowers in bloom. This time of year, called Hanami in Japan, is a tradition that has been respected for centuries and means "watching the flowers".

In Paris, many cherry trees are present, so it's the perfect time to admire them!


Logically, the parks have the most trees, and that's great as we love walking around them.

Our favourite is the Jardin des Plantes. This park doesn't have many cherry trees but it does have one that is worth a visit: the prunus, which is one of the oldest cherry trees. This tree is not very tall, but it stands out with its huge branches covered with white flowers, which makes it a must-see attraction in spring.

Then, we recommend the Jardin du Trocadéro. You will discover a magnificent spectacle with the beautiful pink flowers and the Eiffel Tower in the background. For photography enthusiasts, this is the perfect place to capture some beautiful shots.

To finish, we suggest you to go for a walk in the Jardin des Tuileries. This park is a nice place to stroll and admire Paris. Here, cherry trees are not the only ones to bloom as they are accompanied by beautiful pink magnolias.