If the prestigious French houses make the country famous throughout the world, haute-couture is not the only origin...

Perfume has also become a symbol of elegance throughout the history of France... through the subtlety of its olfactory journey.

Perfume itself has traveled for a long time through the ages and on different territories before landing in Paris and being recognized there. First among the Egyptians, then among the Greeks and Romans for healing, seduction, and divine rituals.  But it is in the Middle Ages, under the coronations of Catherine de Medici and Louis XIV, that perfume is placed on a pedestal. It was then positioned in France as an accessory of finesse, delicacy, and wealth.

Since then, the French perfume has settled in the capital within great houses (Guerlain, Lancôme, Chanel, Dior...) which have democratized it all over the world. We also learned, for the anecdote, that it is the house of Guerlain that created the very first modern perfume, Jicky, in 1889!


But why wear a perfume? At La Bourdonnais, wearing a fragrance is a source of inspiration!

For us, it is an invitation to freedom and emancipation. The ephemeral nature of perfume transports us and allows us to be whoever we want to be for a moment. It is a way for us to travel, following our emotion of the moment. We communicate in this way, but without words...

A perfume is oneself. It is for us a way to reflect and affirm our personality. "It is through the wake of a perfume that we discover our soul”. It is what represents us. It is our signature. It can allow us to be identifiable and recognizable. During all seasons, perfume is a real accessory to express your uniqueness, to have confidence in yourself, and to show you off! So do like us, dare to wear perfume!

A woody fragrance with cedar or sandalwood, a floral note with violet or jasmine... Which one will you be?

At La Bourdonnais, we discovered perfumes made in France and for all tastes:

Une nuit d'été sous le figuier from Rose et Marius or Eau d'Hadrien from Goutal Paris, which lend themselves perfectly to the summer season. But if you are looking for a fragrance that lends itself to all seasons, we recommend Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel or La Nuit Trésor by Lancôme!

Now a timeless perfume, come and test the great perfume houses in Paris to find the perfume that suits you!