You thought you knew everything about the history of the kings of France? Come and discover the Louis XV Passions of a King exhibition at the Château de Versailles...

The Château de Versailles decided to put King Louis XV in the spotlight for the tercentenary of his coronation! A stunning exhibition has been installed inside the castle to pay tribute to this king.

It is possible to visit it since October 18, 2022 and it is accessible until February 19, 2023.

It is a total of 400 works that is proposed to us. All these works teach us more about this king born in Versailles in 1710 and who was crowned at only five years old, at the death of the Sun King on September 1, 1715. He was the great grandson of Louis XIV. All the works allow us to see the king from another angle by entering a little more into his intimacy. We rediscover Louis XV, beyond his function as monarch.

Several themes of his life punctuate the course: his family life, his passions and his influence on the arts of his time.

At first, we go back in time to his childhood and education, then his family life where we later discover a king happy to be a father. His wife and his mistresses who all played a role with him are also highlighted.  We also understand that Louis XV is a man who stays with his close circle most of the time in his private apartments.

In the second part of the visit, we enter the intimacy of the king through his passions, which are: science, botany, hunting and taste for buildings. He appreciated the influence of all these subjects in his politics. For the anecdote, he was a man with a great thirst for discovery, who was deeply interested in all these fields, and that's why he financed great maritime expeditions... Through the exhibition, you will discover more of the projects he realized!

To close the visit, we witness the blossoming of the arts under his reign. He helped to change the art of the time with the birth of the rococo style, which spread to architecture, painting and furniture. It is a style of decoration in vogue since the Regency and which imposed itself under Louis XV. It is identified by "the fantasy of the contoured lines reminiscent of the scrolls of shells with their scrolls".


We strongly recommend that you visit the restored apartments of his mistresses Madame de Pompadour and Madame Du Barry after this exhibition. Have you ever dreamed of entering the inner circle of a king? Discover that of the king who was nicknamed the "beloved" through this guided tour.

In order not to lose the red thread of the exhibition, we recommend that you listen to the story of the king via the audio guide. Details are provided.

But who is really Louis XV? All your questions about his personality, his private life and his leisure activities are answered in the dedicated guided tours, like 24 hours in the life of Louis XV.