The Night of the Stars is back once again on 5, 6 and 7 August. This event was created by the French Astronomy Association with the aim of helping us discover astronomy and the secrets of the universe.

Astronomy enthusiasts are advised that during this period, numerous events around the stars and the stars will take place in Paris. An opportunity not to be missed!

We hope that the weather will be good so that you can observe the sky in the best possible conditions. If the sky is clear, it will be the ideal time to see shooting stars and discover constellations. Luckily, you will also be able to observe the Moon, which will be clearly visible that same weekend.


There are a number of places we recommend for stargazing.

First of all, parks and gardens. In Paris, there are many that are ideal for spending the evening. On the occasion of the night of the stars, 15 parks have chosen to welcome you to spend a magical evening. We advise you to bring a picnic to spend a wonderful evening observing the stars.

For a fun evening, we advise you to go to the Air and Space Museum. Like every year, this museum puts on a special event for this weekend. We suggest you visit the superb Up to Space exhibition, an immersive exhibition that will take you straight to the moon. Afterwards, you can enjoy a variety of fun activities such as virtual reality, course games and film screenings. At the end of the evening, you can discover the starry sky with telescope observations.

Finally, we advise you to go to the Cité des Sciences. For the occasion, the institution's mediators will offer you workshops on how to make and use a sky map, before giving you a lecture on the secrets of the universe and exoplanets. Finally, the evening will end with the traditional custom of stargazing.

To spend an evening with your head in the stars, come to one of these incredible places on 5, 6 and 7 August.