For the creative and fans of manual activities, we found the perfect activity for you.

Located in the 11th arrondissement near Oberkampf is a pretty little café that hides many surprises. Indeed, in addition to offering food and drinks, it proposes a playful activity: painting on ceramics.

The concept is simple, you choose the piece you want to paint among a multiple choice: mugs, vases, planters, plates ... then you paint it. To help you, the charming team of the Papoterie is at your disposal to teach you all their little painting techniques.

To realize a work worthy of Picasso, we leave you a 2h30 slot. Once finished, the most complicated part arrives. Indeed, you will have to wait 10 days before getting back your baked and varnished piece.


If you are won over by the concept, we recommend that you combine it with another of our favorite activities: having brunch.

For our greatest pleasure, La Papoterie has thought of setting up a brunch on Sundays from 10am to 1pm. You can enjoy a delicious pastry, bruschetta or cookie while painting your artwork. Did we mention that everything is homemade? Yes, it is! All the products are fresh, seasonal and homemade.

If we convinced you, we recommend you to reserve your table quickly because this small café-ceramic is quickly full!