Are you looking for a practical yet stylish luggage for your next trips?

Do you often travel for work or for your personal projects? You have a passion for traveling regularly? Or you simply want to go somewhere for your next vacation?

If you take the transport daily, or if you plan to take it soon for future trips, then you must be well equipped and sometimes even stylish (work-related meetings, stay with girlfriends, and so on...)!

But you have several concerns: you'd like to be able to bring your entire wardrobe, you'd like to make sure your stuff is safe, and you'd like to avoid hurting your back when you catch your train. And on top of that, you'd still like to look chic, to have a certain allure.

We have the solution: choose the suitcase over the bag!

The suitcase is already a bigger container because it is a rectangular box, and it is on wheels. This makes it much easier to move around. It is also often made of leather or aluminum to be lighter to carry.


Nowadays, the suitcase has become a real accessory for our look when we travel. In addition to its practical aspect mentioned above, it is also used by the traveler to distinguish himself, to be identifiable by its visual aspect. This is why it is an accessory. After all, it follows us everywhere, it accompanies us throughout our journey. It is finally the handbag but for travel. If it serves as an accessory, we might as well select a trendy one!

We have selected for you some trendy suitcases of these last years:

Louis Vuitton's Horizon range of suitcases (50, 55 or 70). These suitcases released in 2018 are proof that the luxury brand keeps on revolutionizing the industry by drawing on innovation. These suitcases offer a continuous geolocation service in airports. In addition to the security aspect, it is also a range of very elegant suitcases having as patterns the logo of the house in brown and bronze tones. This luggage was designed by Marc Newson (the most influential industrial designer of his generation). With one of these suitcases, it's a preppy look guaranteed!

The Chatelet Air 2.0 suitcase from Delsey Paris. This brand of high-end luggage seeks to embody the elegance of the French, and it is successful. This suitcase is available in several colors, but always keeps a certain sobriety and naturalness. Colors like ivory, cream, angora ... are proposed. Inside the case, you can even store the different parts of your closet (hanger, shoe bag ...). Added value: code to unlock it and USB port. What to have battery to make an Instagram photo of you at your arrival!

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