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Why us ?

10 questions with Mademoiselle Inwood


10 questions with Mademoiselle Inwood

“Mlle Inwood, a charismatic young woman with a big heart, is now the new ambassadress of our Inwood Hotels group. It is an opportunity for us to ask her a few questions and make you discover who Elena is.”


Can you tell us more about you?

Good morning, of course. I guess you already know it, my name is Elena. I’ve always been raised in an artistic environment. Thus, I studied journalism in order to fulfill my two greatest passions: writing and fashion. On a personal level, I think I can define myself as a woman of character. I have travelled a lot: London, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles… It allowed me to mold my character and to build an identity.


Why did you decide to take part in the “Inwood adventure”?

I love challenges. Every day, I try to challenge myself. I have decided to participate in the “Inwood adventure” thanks to Monsieur Inwood. He told me how it works, the articles he writes for your websites etc… I simply loved this idea. It’s been one year now that we are together. He told me about it on our first rendez-vous. Over time, and as we kept seeing each other, the project became reality simultaneously. Later on, I had the opportunity to meet a person working for Inwood Hotels. He saw my potential, my background and the fact that I am a journalist… He suggested me to write on the hotels’ websites. He said my image was perfectly matching the one of Inwood Hotels, so I decided to go for this adventure.


Do you think the Inwood Hotels brand represents you? Why?

Honestly, yes, the brands represents me pretty well. Being able to write about a different topic everyday allows me to evolve intellectually, to develop my culture, tastes but also my style! And since I am a rather curious woman and I like to discover new things, I can say that yes, the brand represents me.



How would you describe your involvement for Inwood Hotels?

I wrote a part of the articles you can read on the website of La Bourdonnais hotel. If you click on the “News” section, you will find them. I love to write about subjects that represent me: fashion, travels, beauty accessories for instance. I try to give good advice to my readers, and the ability to participate in Fashion Weeks helps me a lot. Everything is a good opportunity. At the same time, Monsieur Inwood and I animate our Instagram account @inwoodlovers. I invite you to follow us!


Where do you find inspiration for your articles?

My inspirations? Mostly from the history of fashion. I was immersed in it during journalism studies. It is therefore natural to transcribe elements that I interacted with during my childhood. My mother always worked in the fashion sector. I also find inspiration in the 80s. They represent a style that I admire a lot. I think you always have to wear a trendy item, even if your outfit remains simple. You always have to be up to date, but not too much. It is subtlety that makes style.


Which is your best memory in Paris?

I think I have a lot of beautiful memories here in Paris. But the one I think of is my first rendezvous with Monsieur Inwood. He had prepared and planned everything, it was at Montmartre. It is one of the most romantic places in Paris? When I saw him that day, I told myself it was evident. We casually strolled and talked a lot. About Paris, our passions, our travels… The longer we walked the more I had the impression to know him. It was the beginning of a beautiful love story, this is why it is my best memory.


What is your favorite place in Paris?

I really appreciate the 7th neighborhood of Paris, but there are so many beautiful places in our capital. Well, for me the 7th stays THE area to go to in Paris. It is a very cultural neighborhood. I love the Rue Cler. It is right next to the Inwood hotels. I love to go there when I stay at the hotels. I appreciate going to the markets and taste fresh and local products. Apart from it, there are also Montmartre and Saint-Germain-Des-Près, two great places in Paris, and even unforgettable, just like the Eiffel Tower.


Why did you decided to uncover your identity on our websites?

Well, it is true that contrary to Monsieur Inwood, who doesn’t want to reveal his identity and face, I decided to do it. You know, I have tried to make him change his mind, but he is very stubborn… He said he is not looking for celebrity, that he finds it disturbing. However, it is true that since I have been raised in the fashion industry, it is not disturbing for me. On the contrary, it is rather evident. So I accepted to reveal my face at the beginning of this adventure.


Why do you want to represent the Inwood clients? 

Well, I would say the French Arts of Living really represent who I am, they are my values. France is a marvelous country and Paris represents it so well! When I discovered Monsieur Inwood, his universe and passions, he had also shown me the hotels. I felt like at home, because they are designed around the French Arts of Living. I wanted to represent the clients because I wanted to exchange with them. I wanted to give them the keys for a genuine Parisian experience and not something factual that they can read in tourist guides. I wanted to make them discover my Paris. I think that if clients want to always stay at Inwood it is because the group allows them to live a personal experience.


What is your ideal stay in Paris?

So, for an unforgettable stay you have to walk through the city, visit some museums, and eat at the best restaurants. You also must buy a baguette in a local boulangerie. Yes, these are clichés, but I really think that what people look for is authenticity.


A last word?

Don’t miss out your dreams! Simply live them!

“Thank you for having taken the time to respond to our questions, it was a pleasure to have you with us today. We really like the way you bring forward our group and Paris on our websites. Thank you!”

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