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Monsieur Inwood

The restaurant Sola Paris


The restaurant Sola Paris

A rising sun ray in Paris

Dear readers,

I was lucky when I was young to be dazzled by the wonders that offer to us this wide world. I thank my parents every day. I will always remember my first trip, I was just 8 years old. I accompanied my father in one of his many business trips. A strange sense of fear and excitement came over me when I flew for the first time. On the one hand the fear generated by all the questions that sprang to my mind, how would I be received? Do they eat like us? And on the other hand the excitement of having the answers to those questions accompanied by this thirst of discovery and adventure.

For my first trip my father took me to the land of the rising sun where respect, calmness and reflection are the key words of this environment amazingly calm. You will understand, my first trip away from home was... the Japan.

Once at the airport, tiny by my size, I felt oppressed, almost lost to the vastness of the place where I was. While I was then unknown, architecture, language, culture. Fortunately my patriarch was able to comfort me by a very simple thing... The pleasure of eating...

Discovering the Japanese culinary universe

Here is the flashback I lived, barely crossed the doors of Restaurant Sola. This restaurant located, 12 rue de l'Hotel Colbert, in the 5th arrondissement of our famous city, offers beautiful storefront that instantly immerses us in his universe. Suddenly we are no longer in Paris, we are projected to Japan, this place invites us to discover the tradition and the Japanese universe.

 More than an unusual place, the kitchen of this restaurant is a reflection of a sublime combination between the rich French terroir and Japanese flavors. Orchestrated by the young and talented Japanese Chef Hiroki Yoshitake at the original and deeply personal inspiration, earned its first star from the famous Michelin guide. I will not tell you more, as I can not describe this harmonious and sensory kitchen, that can not be reduced to these simple adjectives, so appreciative they are.

After living this dazzling visual as well as gustatory who knew me walk in my childhood memories, I will finish this day in the hotel La Bourdonnais to remind me this dinner. Although it does not belong to the catering industry I mention lightly Oprah Winfrey before wishing you a delightful evening. " Cooking is an art form. A gift to share "

See you soon !

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