10 questions with Monsieur Inwood

« We name him Mr. Inwood, a mysterious and sophisticated men. Today, he is our first ambassador, we have asked him a few questions. »


Can you tell us something about you?

Hello, you may have already noticed, I’d prefer to keep my identity secret. So you can find me under the name of “Monsieur Inwood”.

My father worked as a lawyer and my mother was a ballerina. I’m an only child and thanks to my parents’ influence, I grew up in a very rigorous and passionate universe. Today I am an architect and designer and my job allows me to develop my creative mind. I could describe myself as a sophisticated men, I like nice things.


You work as an architect and designer, is that true?

Yes, that’s right. Let’s say that I am passionate about art, but it is in architecture that I feel the most accomplished. As a result, my profession represents me. My trade is not just making tailor made interior confections, it is above all a way to express myself. So I can develop my taste for some materials such as silk for example and work on other fabrics.


Why would you keep your identity secret?

I must confess that I am not the kind of person looking for fame, this is where it starts. But being a mysterious character pleases me because each reader can project themselves as they want in my articles. And I appreciate the fact that the persons who are reading my work, are really focused on the writing and not on the person who wrote it. I could say that if I accepted to be an Inwood ambassador is in order to share, not in order to become famous. I am a client above all.



Tell us, why the Inwood Hotels group?

I couldn’t miss out this opportunity! As I told you, I love architecture and when I first came to one of your hotels, I was fascinated. Everything was in harmony with the things I love, the place, the building, even the atmosphere. In addition, your hotels are about the French Arts of Living and they are a part of my values. For instance, travelling is the theme of the hotel La Bourdonnais! So it is because I share those things with the group that I accepted to become your first ambassador. Then, I also think that the Inwood’s hotels are very representative of the city and as a Paris lover, it matters a lot to me. Your hotels put forward its culture but also all its wealth.


So can you say that the group represents you?

Yes, completely! You know that I love to stay at the Inwood’s hotel, thanks to team I have the possibility to immerse myself in a very artistic environment. And as I am passionate about art, I love to rediscover this atmosphere. So yes the brand represents me because we look alike. And they give me the surname “Monsieur Inwood” because I am the client who can’t do without Inwood Hotels!   


Why did you want to represent the Inwood clients?

This is not only about representing, it is above all about sharing. I love being able to gather clients around common values, to exchange directly with them. I try to make my writings the most representative of clients. To allow them the possibility to get the best stay as possible. I really want to convey my love for Paris because, more than an ambassador, I am an Inwood Hotels client. Even “the client of the clients”. So I hope that I represent them at best.


You accepted to write on our websites, why?

Simply because I like to share and to be in contact with clients. It is my philosophy. But I also accepted to write on the website of the hotel La Bourdonnais to share with them reflections about my trips, and what I’ve been through… At the same time, I also love this possibility to write about inspiring subjects. To conclude I can say that there is a main reason explaining why I accepted it. I think that it is simply in order to share my love for Paris.



What is your most beautiful memory in this city?

My best memory? Without hesitation, it’s when I first met Elena, during the All Nighter in Paris. I was looking at the crowd which was gathered that night. I was with my friends when I saw her, she was in front of me and she was looking at me. In spite of the crowd, I tried to move forward but I lost sight of her. That moment was very special, I was not at the centre of the crowd, I found myself thinking about her. The end of the All Nighter was on the Passerelle Debilly. While I was looking around to show something to my friend, I saw her. She came to me and I heard her saying “My name is Elena”. It is really my favourite memory.


Could you give us your inspirations?

My inspirations are very diverse. I can write about an artist, a place to visit or also about a painting for example! Writing is for me a way to escape from my daily life and to be involved in something inspiring. Because I personally think that if there is passion in our words, every subjects are good to write about.


You like, what is your favourite destination?

Paris! Without hesitation, Paris…


 «Thank you Monsieur Inwood for answering our questions. It was a pleasure to be with you. We are always glad to read your articles.»

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