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Did you ever see this similarity between Rome and Paris? I know this is not evident, but they have this aura, they transmit this feeling of well-being. Well, this is what I felt when I arrived in Rome, it was just as if I already knew this city. Monsieur Inwood had planned all our trip. He wanted to show me one of his favourite cities (after Paris obviously) and make me discover this wonderful (and magnificent!) Italian city.

After only two hours of flight, we arrived to Rome. I left my luggage at the hotel and I change my pair of heels for sneakers: I like feeling at ease to visit a city! In no time, I was ready to go for the adventure. Monsieur Inwood smiled at my enthusiasm.   


All roads lead to Rome

First step: The Trevi Fountain or rather La Fontana di Trevi as the Italians spell it. Beliefs say that by throwing a coin into the fountain while you’re leaving Rome, the one who throw it will find richness and prosperity when he will come back. After all, why not. And as a good tourist, I threw my coin into the fountain, I will tell you if I become rich…



Second step: The Colisee and the Palatin! Il Colosseo is surely the monument that I was waiting the most to visit, it is so impressive! To walk on the Romains steps and to feel, for a moment, the games madness is so exciting. And in order to stay in this atmosphere, we went to the Palatin. In the ruins I could imagine emperors in their homes, Romains thermal bath… How can I say, it was captivating!

Last step: Piazza Navona. Surely one of the most beautiful spot in Rome, to me. At an Italian coffee terrace, Monsieur Inwood was telling me the story of this spot. At the origin, it is a stadium built by the emperor Domitien. This men is so cultured…

Since I came back in Paris I can’t stop looking at photos that I took at Rome in order to found myself immerged of what I felt there. A part of my heart stayed at Rome.

See you soon!

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