Alain Chamfort

Perfume of childhood

My dear readers,

It was breakfast time at the Hotel La Bourdonnais, I took the time to observe the tables, the behaviors of each person in this room or the details of the decoration of this charming boutique-hotel. And it was then that my gaze was remind by a face that seemed familiar to me. I questioned the secret identity of this man. After mature reflection, I realized that it was Alain Chamfort, the famous French composer-songwriter.

At that moment, our eyes met and I nodded to him as a sign of respect. When we meet a famous person, and despite our immense admiration for her, we do not know how to react. I was very curious to know more about this artist who had the privilege, during his career and his life, to meet famous personalities such as Claude François, Veronique Sanson, the group Toto or Serge Gainsbourg.

I stood there, sitting down, reflecting in a courteous and polite manner to start a discussion without bothering him. I imagined all the scenarios possible and imaginable, the questions burst out my mind: Will I disturb him? Does he want to talk to me? Does he have a sense of humor?

A renowned French composer

It is true that today the media watches each of their movements and the emergence of social networks drastically reduced their freedoms. I did not want to be the disturber of his tranquility, so I opted for a courteous way of addressing to him by ordering him another mint tea. Luckily, he appreciated my approach and came to my table to thank me.

I had the immense honor of being able to exchange with him, I was fascinated by his history, his universe and his many sources of inspirations. An artist passionate about music since his childhood, and mainly by the composition. I dare hope that we both had a good time, it was very enriching!

My dear readers, do not forget: « There is no finer thought than the one we share! »

See you soon!

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