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Dear readers,

As an interior designer, we have to be creative. But what does it really mean to be creative ? According to the dictionary, it is the capacity, the power that an individual has to create, that is, to imagine and realize something new.

Each counterpart has its own personality, that it transmits through its creations. In my opinion, I perceive them as a true form of expression, in other words as works of art in their own right.

That’s why I do not like to see my counterparts as competitors. We are not enemies and the purpose of the interior designer is not to create rivalries but to share his vision as divergent as it may be. Our aspiration is not only to decorate but to think an interior, to illuminate the room, to awaken and reveal the beauty of the environment that we will create and above all to naturally establish an atmosphere, a form of warmth.

One of my mentors in this quest for creativity, one of the men who inspired me to want to realize this dream and become an interior designer is Mr. Oscar Ono.

A passionate man and extremely attentive to the needs of his guest but also the people who surround him. Designer Oscar Ono is always looking for perfection. Patience, observation, determination and efficiency are the key words that govern his career.

The Traveler’s Art of Living : on the road to spices !

When a designer begins his work, he performs a true introspection according to the theme defined by the client, he reveals the thoughts that come to his mind. In a way he reveals a part of his intimacy, part of himself. I can feel his imprint, his style through the decoration of the hotel La Bourdonnais that he imagined around the theme of the travel. In constant quest for detail, this designer has created a special atmosphere and I can not help admiring his ability to project himself in space and the quality of this vision.

Although I myself have experience of the sector, it should never be forgotten that « Interrogate to learn, marks even more wisdom than to speak in order to instruct. » said Alfred Auguste Pilavoine.

Dear readers, I wish you a wonderful evening.

See you soon !

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