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Dear readers,

As you know, travels are an integral part of my life. Each year, I try my best to realize a long journey to a remote country and a short one close to Paris.

Having had the chance to go on the 5 continents, I had to develop my own methods and techniques in order to anticipate the hostilities inherent to each of the lands I have visited.

Thus, before each departure, I carefully prepare the essential things I put into my overnight bag, which formerly was a case carrying all the accessories necessary for a trip. I see this travel kit as a luxurious tool, combining the use of different fabrics and an ergonomic design which make it extremely hard to conceive.

And today, I feel particularly happy that I could have bought one in a renowned Parisian brand store…

The Art of Travelling

Being unable to sacrifice my image only for travels, my travel bag is perfectly optimized in order for me to take all the essentials I need for the journey.

Toiletries, hygiene accessories, all my tools needed to travel or exploit my inspiration, a travel diary, all the communication devices, cameras, bank card and first-aid kit. I also have enough room to add my clothes, always bearing in mind to have an elegant outfit and a comfortable one with 2 pairs of shoes.

As for my backpack, it holds all the things I need daily: important and personal documents, sleep essentials and accessories against cold weather or rain if necessary.

Dear readers, I think that during a travel, nothing is up to chance. More we are ready to travel, more amazing the adventures we experience are. Raymond Boudou, a French writer, shared with us the following words: “Nothing is more appropriate than a travel to probe all the amazing aspects of what’s unexpected.” So, you’d better be prepared!

See you soon!

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