Césars award ceremony

Spectacular Ceremony

The Césars award ceremony, one of the oldest awards in the field of entertainment and audiovisual.

Each year, cinematographic awards are given to professionals of the 7th Art in various categories to salute the best French productions.

The trophies are metal compressions, designed in 1975 by the sculptor César Baldaccini, who gave them his name.

It is also a nod to their American counterpart, the Oscars, and Marcel Pagnol's film, César.

George Cravenne created in 1975 the Academy of Arts and Techniques of Cinema. The primary vocation was to reward the most outstanding achievements and artistic works of cinema.

Thus on April 3, 1976 took place the first ceremony of the Césars also called "The night of the Césars" under the presidency of Jean Gabin!

Eternal Passion

Passionate about the 7th Art, I look forward to this ceremony every year. I love the cinema for the magic of the different themes, the stories told and the journeys that it makes live.

The first movies that challenged me in my childhood were the black and white movies, Laurel and Hardy or Charlie Chaplin.

It was only at adulthood, with my first salary, that I was able to go to a real movie theater. In those day, I propose to my girlfriend to go see "Gone with the wind". I was very moved by the acting and the beautiful landscapes of this movie. It is since that day that I am really passionate about cinema.

Today the movie that I prefer is called the Big Blue. It relates the rivalry of two children in Greece, which continues when they are adults. Which of the two will dive the farthest and deepest? Their loves, their friendships with humans, with dolphins, in pursuit of an inaccessible dream.

This film deals with full of poetry, just the passion that can animate some people. The magnificent images of the sea makes me dream and transport us to a distant land.

Among my favourite scenes, I would quote "The Golden Coin", a black and white sequence that lays the foundation for a human relationship between two men.

I leave you my kind readers with a quote from Jean Cocteau : "Cinema is modern writing whose ink is light."

See you soon!

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