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Dear all readers,

The previous week, I was learning the good news that an Australian couple of friends was passing through Paris. I was lucky to meet them few years ago during a travel on the legendary site of Petra in Jordan. Happy to see familiar faces with whom I shared many adventures, I was nevertheless worried to don’t be at the level of their expectations.

Indeed, my friends are real modern adventurers, each visit in their home can be prepared as the discover of a new museum. Their living room contains treasures from the all the world and leaves me a dreamer as the eternal child that I am. I would prove them that the French Capital contains other treasures less famous and more original than the indispensable portrait of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre museum.

A balloon flight

To surprise them and present them Paris in a new light, I decided to bring them at the foot of the Générali balloon. A balloon flight at more than 150 meters above Paris was reserved to us and allowed us to appreciate a unique and magic landscape of the City of Lights. My friends are as me, eternal enthusiasts of architecture and see it was the opportunity to discover from the clouds, the drawing of the resplendent avenues, the sanctity of the monuments, the grey zincplated of the roofs, the extent of green areas and the curves of the Seine which inspire the face of Paris.

Nothing more is needed to delight my friends of adventures that were going back the next day in Australia with stars in their eyes. They wished have their last night in a renowned hotel to welcome travellers from everywhere. I was so glad to advice them the hotel La Bourdonnais.

My dear readers, often stuck to our routine, remember that travelling, it’s explore and discover a little bit more each part which characterizes us.

See you soon,

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