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The discovery of the Burgundy

My dear readers,

When I was a child, I was fascinated by the story of the conqueror Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais, the man who set out to conquer spices. I read these stories, and they inspired my friends and I when we were pretending being browsers. I regularly spoke to my parents. My father decided one day to rent a boat from Locaboat to make me discover Burgundy and thus a tradition was born. I still remember, years later, my excitement every time we left. I imagined us, like two conquistadors discovering treasures.

This year, the fall making me slightly melancholic, so I decided to do something different, something to get me out of this fast-paced that we live here in Paris. Although, I like being alone, but since I met Elena that desire fades gradually. I want to share moments with her. She is an extremely bright and bubbly young woman, as a masterpiece she fascinates me and I could spend eternity to admire her and to listen her.

So I organized a surprise by renting a boat for the weekend. The week passed slowly. It was increasingly hard for me to keep this secret. I was excited to show these wild shores where nature reigns and especially to spend a special moment in her presence.

The river journey

The Friday evening, impatient, I went to meet her. She was radiant, her smile lit me. I recovered her eyes with one of the Hermès square, she laughed, not understanding what was going on... I helped her walk and to sit in the car. She kept questioning me while laughing, personally I preferred to leave her in mystery. The secret became more and heavier to bear and the pressure invaded me.

We were heading towards, the boat I had hired to spend our first weekend together. Actually, it was not really a boat, it was a long barge. It was with great difficulty I managed to get her on. Once arrived in front of our cabin with great gentleness, I pulled her scarf, she found a face she lighted room by candlelight, our picture window unveiling a sunset of wild nature. The weekend began… 

This weekend exceeded my expectations. The weather was beautiful like winter days, cold but sunny. We took advantage of the sun with a picnic on the barge. In a religious calm the shores of Burgundy offered us a unique spectacle. We were in perfect harmony with Fauna and Flora. More than just a walk, it was a rewarding moment of exchange, I was curious by person that she was and particulary her  joy of living that she had. We learned to know each other in an unusual setting, without stopping our chatting. Each noises, every sensations, every time reminded us a moment of our lives that we wanted to share with each other. We found civilization by mooring to visit the castle of Tanlay, an architectural jewel of the Renaissance. We visited the place with pleasure: architecture, frescoes, gallery... A rich cultural place that we discover with great pleasure together. Everything was perfect.

Back in Paris, I took the road to the hotel La Bourdonnais, with many stars in my eyes and many memories filling my head. I thought back to the barge and sensations that they offered us. As the browser Moitessier said: « The boat is freedom, not only a way to achieve a goal. »

See you soon!

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