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Dear readers,

Last Sunday, one of this rare days of freedom and free time that we have in common with Elena, I decided to bring her in the most secret and protected place in Paris. I wanted her to discover the hiding face of this city that she is actually trying to know.

The sun was offering its best face and the heat pushed me to rent a scooter in order to surprise her and to make our moves easier. It was as if we were living in the sixties in Paris.

On my way, I took her fresh fruits, croissants and chocolate croissants, her favourite breakfast, before being on the road.

Once her eyes were opened, her breakfast eaten and her most beautiful smile put on her face, I took her hands and brought her to our modern horse.

When Paris bewitches you

First step of our journey was the Cité Dumar, a survivor of the old Paris, where times seems to be frozen. This former truck-farming enclave offers a set took out of movies. Then we went to the well-known Rue Crémieux, a little cobbled and picturesque street in the fifteen-twenty neighbourhood with a rustic and singular charm.

Few photos later, we landed to the building site passing, named in reference of a firewood building site which was here last century. Today, a lot of furniture shopkeepers and a lot of surprises are trying to be discovered.

Before having a lunch time in this area, we left the 12e arrondissement in order to reach the Montsouris Square, a housing estate build as a council estate to receive artists, workforce and artisans in the post-war period. We can see a varied architecture broke by New Art creations.  

Then, I bring her Rue des Thermopyles, one of the last big cobbled street in Paris. We went here to take a walk under arcs of foliage, to be preserved of the heat, surrounded by amazing wisterias, finding a rustic aspect that we did not think we could see here.

A breath of fresh air and a visual pleasure later, we went at the Cité Pileux, unknown city-state of the 18e arrondissement. After having the caretaker permission, we discovered this typical path, walking in front of this little rose scatter houses and their little patio.

The sun was beginning to lie down, and we went through our last step, La Villa Léandre in order to have a timeless moment, in this discreet place where calm and plenitude are meeting together.

Dear readers, Paris is love, Paris is wonder and light our heart up in every hour, from the rise to the sunset, and this kind of days opened our eyes on it.

See you soon!

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