St Patrick's Day

A unique day

March 17, a day unlike any other... indeed, the Irish will celebrate the St. Patrick's Day, a Christian celebration. The Irish, each year, pay homage to the evangelizer of the Emeraude Isle who explained the Holy Trinity to the Irish in a sermon at the Roc de Cashels. This explanation was made thanks to a three-leaf clover, symbol of Ireland.

Today St Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide!        

My dear readers, have you ever been to Ireland? St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time to visit this beautiful country. This will be an opportunity for you to penetrate the soul of Ireland and the hearts of the Irish. The festivities of Saint Patrick are a mixture of music, cinema and arts, pleasure is guaranteed for the young and the old in a fantastic atmosphere.

Travel souvenirs

A few years ago, I had the chance to go to Ireland. I discovered in addition to this magical celebration, a wonderful country. I could admire landscapes out of the ordinary.

Let me tell you my unforgettable experience in this in this country.

In Connemara, the lakes constituting an impressive landscape. It is a place of amazing natural beauty. I was impressed by a natural environment saved.

This legendary country with a very humid climate reveals wild lands and quirky trails. Oscar Wilde, who was a great lover of this region, defined Connemara as a wild beauty.

Ireland is a country where the ancestral customs are perennial, and where humans, hardened, are the warmest.

This country is a real concentrate of beauty and natural wonders where nature seems to have been spared from the hand of man.

My dear readers, I invite you to discover this small piece of land, surrounded by water and detached from the European continent which offers a beautiful diversity and beautiful places to visit.

See you soon!


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