The 2017 Grandmother’s Day

A journey through time

Dear readers,

Yes this celebration was invented for commercial purposes but I do not understand why it has not appeared before. I am not a great advocate of these market lobbies, however I must acknowledge that I support this feast with conviction, especially for those people who remain in the shadows and that it brings to light on this day.

Indeed, if there are many people who deserve to be thanked for all their gestures of love and tenderness hey have brought us since childhood, it is our grandmothers.

I lost my two grandfathers very young, but I was fortunate to have fantastic grandmothers who knew how to « fill this void » by telling me their life and all their secrets like they were still of this world. These two women are essential to the man I am today, one taught me forgiveness, the other the importance of the family. All gave me an education, moments of laughter, both gave me the joy of living in order to enjoy the people I love. They embody for me this strength which is : wisdom.

So many memories cross our minds when we think of those people who love us, memories of sharing, laughter, family, love, a set of sensations that we will pass on to our children and grandchildren if we have this chance !

Childhood memories

It is difficul to define the relationship we share. Although distant from childhood, and unfortunately separated by our paths of life, when I came to grow up to carry out my studies, my travels, I always tried to stay in contact with them and in spite of this I stayed very close with them. It is important not to lose this link, because if one does not know where on comes from, one can focus on who we want to become.

From their earliest childhood, we have given them a nickname of Grandma, Nannie or Granny, no matter who we meet, they will always be queens. I like to think that they are eternal because life goes on, there is not a single moment when their laughter, their tenderness and their little attentions towards me and every member of my family do not stop.

I did not know where to start but on this day dedicated to them, I had to tell them how much I love them and how much it counts for me.

My dear readers, I wish you a delightful evening by quoting this which was repeated all my childhood by these illustrious women « Jump on your bed, run and enjoy everyday because life passes quickly, so quickly that one day you will not be able to run. »

See you soon!

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