The forest of Fontainebleau

When nature surprises us

My dear readers,

When I was a child, on Sunday afternoon we met with my family at my grandparents' house to revel on the famous Sunday chicken lovingly prepared by my grandmother.

Once the feast was over and our appetite satisfied, we went off to walk in the forest. My grandparents had a house near the forest of Fontainebleau. This place is known to have been the favorite forest of King Louis XIV but also to have inspired impressionist painters as well as writers and poets of the nineteenth century such as Léon Belly and Victor Hugo.

I love this place where nature reigns supreme, there is no telephone connection, no internet… being there cuts ourself from our world, from everything except ourselves and the people around us. It was a unique and sacred moment for our family. Every Sunday afternoon, together, we felt like if we were going on an expedition, going in quest of an unknown land.

It was in this place where each personalities who made up my family taught me to observe, listen and feel the nature that surrounds us on nearly 25,000 hectares.

Understanding nature and knowing how to appreciate it is a job that requires patience. As a child, I found it difficult to order this discipline to myself so much every rock, every tree was a favorable place to live new adventures.

A country escape

Today, I am contemplative in front of this nature, I would even say in admiration. I open my senses and let myself be carried away by what the forest, the nature offers to us. This cool, slightly damp wind, the heat of a summer sun which leaves its rays get away with it the branches, the coldness of the rock and its face smooth by the rain, the softness of the moss that over time decided to settle there, the smell of dead leaf and greasy earth carried by the wind, the cracking of leaf under our feet. It has become to me a real pleasure which has no price.

The forest of Fontainebleau offers panoramas and majestic scenery where the free nature of its rights lives and breathes. Today, the whole of my family having grown, it is difficult to all end up for a Sunday walk. Nevertheless, I enjoy going back with my father when I am looking for answers to my questions, the forest clears my ideas and especially calms me.

As a child I was amazed by the beauty of this place and today I am happy to rediscover this childish look, this sensation of innocence at the moment where I penetrate the edge of this majestic forest. It was with an airy and purified spirit that I was returning to Paris. On my way to my hotel La Bourdonnais I realized why walkare dear to me, we are cut off from everything, alone with nature and with the people that we love, there is neither past nor future just try to appreciate the present moment without ulterior motives.

See you soon!

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