The Gardens of Versailles

Castle and Garden

My dear readers,

There is some place that, once you had visit them, stay engraved in our memories. We just have to think about it to remember every details it has, so much that you could draw the entire picture.

One of the first place that did this to me is and will stay the Gardens of Versailles. Even though the castle is not less sumptuous. Adorned by 386 works, incredible drawings and bombastic conceptions, it feel an immense pleasure each time I take a walk in this gardens, that I could visit today with closed eyes.

The research of movement and perfection is so visible that every persons seems to be running out of steam when seeing the first time this entire work, which sublimate nature incredibly and relatively to the talent of its creator.

André la Nôtre and the Gardens

Since the construction of the castle, the park and gardens never stopped to evolve. In the middle of a large wooded area, the place was perfect for Andre le Nôtre to give all his expertise to do of this garden one of the most wonderful in World.

This man even designed the park layout of Saint-Cloud and Luxembourg to launch his carreer and Louis XIV confided him, in 1661, the restoration of the Gardens of Versailles. His intervention lasted around 25 years during which his gardeners, companion, helpers and trainees scrambled to realize this work.

So he became the first famous architect landscaping in France and had a reputation equal to his works. Thank to this man and the will of Kings to make France a great country, we can now feel the magnificence of art in this gardens, smelling there many flavours, hearing the sound of silence and nature, observing the different colours and unbelievable drawings.

My dear readers, the Gardens of Versailles really are a must-seen for everybody coming in Paris and as Emile Zola said : « Nothing involve more intelligence than travel »

See you soon !

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