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Dear Readers,

Few times ago, I wanted to travel. I needed to interest myself to new cultures, to new ideas. Currently, I have few works in progress. I am very happy about it, new clients and beautiful projects will born.  I wanted to discovering different cultures I decided to visit one of the most important place of Paris, whose I never get tired, where culture is omnipresent: the musée du Louvre.

Travel in the heart of the musée du Louvre

Last week-end, I passed the doors of the museum’s courtyard. I directed myself to the famous pyramid which is, according to a study, the third masterpiece the most appreciated of the museum. I came into the pyramid and go down to the museum, observing from the inside, this masterpiece and its architecture. After careful consideration and a lot of hesitation I admit it, I decided to direct myself toward the Egypt Antique section. This is a total immersion in a rich culture which transports me in Africa. Statues, jewels, vases… I was in Egypt! I discover the mummies of cats, the gold cup of the Pharaoh, gods, sarcophaguses… I close my eyes and I concentrate. I can see the sand, the desert, an oasis: Egypt! I am transported to another time, in another culture, a travel in the space and time which dazzled me. I hear a sound behind me and I am back to the museum. Far to be disappointed and always fascinated, I continue my visit. Concentrated on each masterpiece. This is with lots of stars in my glance that I go out of the building.

I go back to the hotel La Bourdonnais, and I sit in the lobby, a booklet on knees. My pen slides on the paper, and this is almost mechanically that I draw what I have seen today, and, at the same time, I was thinking about those words by Roland Poupon “ the most beautiful discovery is, without doubt, under our eyes and within range of hands ”. Quotes that I have always associated to the permanent collection of the Musée du Louvre.

See you soon!

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