The Museum Night

A Nocturne

My dear readers,

We all look forward to the Museum Night. Every year, as soon as the warm weather returns, more than 1000 museums remain open all night to make us discover their treasures, their backstage. See you on Saturday 19th may 2018 in Paris for the biggest of the nocturnes!

This unique evening is an opportunity to discover museums differently, at night and often for free.

It has been 10 years since European museums opened their doors every night for one night. This giant night is an opportunity to embark on a cultural Saturday night.

Let's go back for a moment to the origins of this event. We are in 1999 and, inspired by the Berlin Museum Night, the Ministry of Culture asks museums to open the free time of a spring Sunday. The idea is to attract an audience unfamiliar places. Always in this same perspective and hoping to bring a younger audience, the event is in 2005, proposed night.

This event offers, today, a whole atmosphere to those who, the sun fell, push the door of the museum!

The Louvre otherwise

No doubt you know, dear readers, the famous Louvre museum, former home of the kings of France, which became 2 centuries ago one of the largest museums in the world with a collection of more than 35 000 works spread over 60 000 m² .

I invite you to discover the richness of this museum at night. I keep an exceptional memory of the Egyptian treasures in the evening. The exhibition of Egyptian antiquities appeared to me even more impressive under the nocturnal lighting!

You will walk under the lights of the showcases and you will be able to see the courtyard of the Louvre lit by the street lamps which will give a note of mystery to your visit.

What could be more pleasant than to be almost alone to stroll through the museum's alleys?

The night allows for daring light effects. In the Marly courtyard of the Louvre, I was able to see the major difference between a day visit and a night visit. The change of lighting between day and night brings about a different perception of the place and the works. The artificial lighting of the night gives the works a more dramatic side, more alive and more impressive.

The night tour of the Louvre allowed me to admire the greatest masterpieces of the museum, magnified under the night lighting.

Visiting a museum at night is to be able to go everywhere, to offer a face to face with a work, to get lost in the silence and the penumbra, to discover hitherto unknown spaces...

Visiting the Louvre at night is an extraordinary and out of time experience, it's discovering other facets of the famous museum!

See you soon !


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