The National Museum of the Navy

Maritime journey

My dear readers,

As you know, I have undertaken great journeys in my life. Lately, with one of my best friends, we offered at our gilfriends a cruise along the Mediterranean coast. I let you imagine the hapinness I felt when, holding Elena, we perceived on horizon the somptuous earth of Spain, Italy, Greece or Egyptia.

There is many moments I love in cruises. First, when offshore we have the  impression that this bodies of water are infinite. Then, docking and landing. At this time, we can feel the atmosphere and life moving on in the harbor we are coming in, where smells and movements never stopped since many years.

We then observe the sailors who, at all speed, tie the ropes to the quay and it is at this moment that our impatience grows to discover this city that holds out our arms to us.

National Marine Museum

Following this cruise, I heard that the National Marine Museum would close until 2020. So I proposed to Elena, Marie and Edouard, whith whom we went on cruise, to visit it before its renovation.

The collection in this museum deals with all the marines of the world and their evolutions over the ages. There are various models of ships, such as the Napoleon I canal and several works of the greatest naval epics.

This collection was created in the beginning of XVII century thanks to a gift made Henri Duhamel du Monceau (first agricultural physicist) to the king Louis XV.

Today, the museum wishes to modernize to become the « Maritime museum » and will address, on its reopening, the following themes: conquest of the seas, freedom of the seas, richness of the seas, adventure of the century, the fragility of the world and the future of the Earth.

My dear readers, I transmit you today this fine words from Kate Chopin who said « The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The contact of the sea is sensual, and embraces the body in a sweet and secret embrace. »

See you soon!

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