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Dear readers,

Today I was on the terrace of a coffee, exhuming every spicy shades that evaporate from my tea. At this moment one smell, one touch of cinnamon leads my thoughts in Asia. For a brief moment, I was not in Paris, I was in the spices marketplace in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I could see myself spreading through the South-East Asian culture and wandering in those lively streets of the city.

I stepped out of my thoughts later, but my heart was still in Asia. So I found myself looking at the surroundings, at those people that are not taking their time to admire the beauty. This is exactly at this moment that I was shouted out by a poster. I paid for my tea and I hurry myself to approach it. For my biggest pleasure, Émile Guimet and the great painter Félix Régamey will be exposed at the National Museum of the Asian Arts – Guimet from October 11st 2017 to January 15th 2018.

Those two big names start on their long trip in 1876: from Japan to China by crossing the entire South-East Asia. Amazed by those marvellous landscapes, fascinated by the discovery of new cultures, this travel full of emotions has been transposed by Félix Régamey when he returns in France. He painted a lot of pieces about Asia.

To pay tribute to Émile Guimet

From its pieces we can feel so much respect for the local culture, but also to his travelling companion. I love this exhibition because it traces on the one hand the trip with marvellous landscapes; and on the other hand it traces a human adventure. Émile Guimet was a rich industrialist from Lyon while Félix Régamey was a press drawer. At first sight nothing can tie up those two atypical personalities. But we can feel with this exhibition first, a very intimate story and then, a very human story. For me, the most beautiful thing in this exhibition, which moves me, is the fact that we can follow their travel thanks to photographs, drawing but also personal objects or correspondences.

This trip was essential and determining because it leads to the creation of the National Museum of the Asian Arts – Guimet. It is from this amazing travel, which overflows of authenticity and discovers, that is born first in Lyon and then in Paris, this museum. I’m looking forward to see this exhibition which is the celebration of its creator.

Dear readers, I invite you to go to the Museum Guimet from next October 11st. Let your spirit wandered and let yourself be transported on this huge continent: Asia.

I simply let you go by giving you this quote from the greatest Confucius: “Nature create similar men, Life differentiate them”. Travel, live!

See you soon!

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