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Food & Drink





Are you looking for a restaurant in the 7th district to dine in front of the Eiffel Tower? Without hesitation, we suggest Les Îlots de Chaillot.

 If you're walking around the great Iron Lady and you want to have dinner, but you don't know where to stop, you'll have to go to the restaurant of the National Theatre of Dance in Paris.

The National Dance Theater of Paris is 24 000 m2 of space in the Palais de Chaillot, located in front of the Trocadero fountains... This theater is one of the six French national. It is thus a public establishment with industrial and commercial character.

Les Ilots de Chaillot are home-made dishes made with fresh products from organic farming. It is a real delight. A simple and traditional cuisine but perfectly mastered, which allows to live completely the experience of the French Art of Living. The creators of this restaurant are the actress Véronique Dossetto and the chef Olivier Dufour.

As far as the capacity of the room is concerned, there is a nice space. This allows an optimal setting of the room. So, we dine in a peaceful and very intimate setting, ideal for sharing a moment with two during the evenings of shows or the weekend around a brunch. The service is also of very good quality with a warm and attentive staff.

But to find this beautiful place, a little secret with a palace decor, you must first venture into the Theater, take the big stairs, go through several corridors and there you have plenty of eyes with this Art Deco spirit and this magnificent view...


Les  Îlots de Chaillot offer a direct view of the Eiffel Tower.

We are seated at a table in front of large windows allowing us to have a breathtaking view of the famous monument. It is a magical moment that deserves to be photographed to keep the most beautiful memories of your Parisian stay. When the Eiffel Tower sparkles and shines in the evening, it's really impressive to be able to see it from the ground while sitting down to enjoy a tasty meal. This is not a scene from a movie, no, it is quite possible here.

We recommend the occasional tasty dish: guinea fowl with pommes grenaille and small vegetables. A treat for the taste buds.

To extend the experience, we recommend a visit to discover the history of the theater: Chaillot, like a museum; History with a capital H; behind the scenes. And to finish the evening, attend a performance.

Your show can begin!

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