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Food & Drink

Travel through history for a meal


Travel through history for a meal

Welcome to the charming 6th arrondissement of Paris, where history and culture blend harmoniously. As you explore this vibrant and rich area, get lost in the streets but don't forget to stop off at the mythical and picturesque Cour du Commerce de Saint-André, at the heart of this emblem, century-old district. Attracting the greatest creative minds, this courtyard has evolved over the years, as witnessed by the Procope restaurant, the oldest café in Paris and a historic restaurant.


Explore the historic soul of the 6th arrondissement, where the past meets modern Paris.


In the heart of the lively and dynamic 6th arrondissement, discover the Cour du Commerce Saint André. This bucolic and inspiring pedestrian passageway is a real bubble, completely cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps. Formerly a palm court in the 18th century, this passageway has been modernised while retaining its historic soul in the remains and cobbled roads that you will see as you pass. It has witnessed a great deal of history and literature over the centuries. In the course of its history, this courtyard has met and sheltered famous names such as Diderot, Voltaire and Robespierre, who were inspired by the gentle atmosphere that reigned within its walls.

Today, this courtyard, some of whose facades are listed as part of the historic heritage, is home to a number of restaurants and shops that retain their old-fashioned charm.

One of the oldest paris restaurant, Le Procope

If you're a traveller and want to stay in that timeless spirit, we recommend you take a seat on the little hidden terrace of the oldest café in Paris, which opened in 1686.

Le Procope offers traditional, bourgeois French cuisine, so you can discover or even rediscover the classics of France's rich gastronomy.

It is an emblematic place where you can enjoy a gastronomic experience steeped in history.

The restaurant takes its name from Fransesco Procopio dei Coltelli, an Italian chef who succeeded in popularising coffee in Paris, which at the time was struggling to become known or even appreciated. As well as introducing people to a new beverage, he created a place to live and share in what is now a historic restaurant in Paris. Famous philosophers, writers and other artists would gather within the walls of this establishment to debate, be inspired or simply come to have a good time.

Since its opening, the restaurant has had a number of chefs who have contributed to its reputation. Even if the quality of the food is fundamental, what has made this restaurant famous is above all its warm atmosphere and the fact that it has become a real meeting place.

This historic Paris restaurant would not be as striking and iconic without its unique decor. A mix of traditional and historic elements, with architectural details dating back to the 18th century and modern touches for the guest's comfort. Paintings, engravings and pieces of art from yesteryear bear witness to the establishment's rich history and its role as a cultural and meeting place.

Open every day from 12 noon to midnight, you can enjoy starters such as the must-try egg mayonnaise or the classic semi-cooked foie gras. As for the main courses, there are various options to suit all tastes and tastes. There are meat section, a fish section and a "historical recipes" section for a good culinary history, where dishes such as the traditional coq au vin are offered before finishing with a gourmet dessert.



In keeping with the restaurant's historic setting, it offers a "philosopher's menu" in reference to the many philosophers who have visited the restaurant. This special menu is available every day from Monday to Friday, and its composition is described to you on the spot and on request to the service staff.

To accompany your meal in the best possible way, enjoy a glass of wine from the restaurant's extensive cellar, featuring red wines from the best estates in France, as well as white and rosé wines to suit your tastes and match your dishes.

Comforting and committed dishes

These great bistro classics combine simplicity, comfort and quality. Le Procope makes it a point of honour to respect 2 pillars: responsible cuisine and the preservation of resources.

This responsible cuisine is based above all on the origin of the products and respect for their seasonal nature. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options, to delight the taste buds of all its customers!

Conserving resources is an essential point for this restaurant, which is doing its bit to help the environment. This means reducing waste - although it seems obvious, too many restaurants still don't pay attention - as well as sorting waste and using eco-responsible products on a daily basis.

These commitments prove that the restaurant is well aware of the issues facing our society today, even though it has a memorable dimension and remains the oldest café in Paris.


With its timeless decor, traditional, high-quality and committed cuisine, and historic location, Le Procope will continue to charm us in the future and take us on a journey back in.

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