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The tropical

As you may have noticed, the trend is towards tropical prints in both fashion and home decoration. It reminds us of summer and adds exoticism to our daily routine! I dare you to use bright colours and vegetal prints, even in winter.

This style inspired by the Amazonian jungle is no longer exclusively dedicated to light clothing, as there are many tropical printed clothes, accessories and shoes. Palms, flamingos, parrots, pineapples, flowers or other exotic plants... You will be spoilt for choice! I just bought this blouse from the brand Mango, which would be perfect with white pants for a fresh and elegant look. I advise you to balance your outfit with simple, uniform pieces to avoid an "overloaded" effect. 

The vintage

Looking for travel and exoticism? This month, your interior is taking a holiday look with a new trend : vintage suitcases. 

You can now travel without leaving home! 

Made of cardboard, metal, wood or fabric, you will inevitably find a retro suitcase to decorate your home. Often very aesthetic, trunks can be transformed in the blink of an eye into coffee tables, commodes and even storage cases.

Flowered or coloured, the vintage suitcase is a decorative accessory on its own. You can place it casually on a table or combine it with other trunks for a more country charm result. 

Do you know Merci? This chic and trendy concept store, located in the Marais district, is a real living space dedicated to fashion and the home world. I recently bought a nice red suitcase made of boiled cardboard and steel. Loft and New York spirit assured!

Fine stones
and lithotherapy

Everybody knows about the precious gems: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire... But do you know about fine stones and their properties? I recently discovered this very popular trend these days. Widely used in jewellery, there are many different types and colours! You can find among the most famous ones the Jade stone, the Amethyst, the Mother-of-pearl or the Rose Quartz that I particularly appreciate.

Rich in minerals, it is also believed to be beneficial to health. We call Lithotherapy, the treatment with stones... Headaches, hypertension, fatigue. You can find them in various forms: in jewellery, pebbles or raw stone for home use, but also in cosmetics with facial massage stones in roll-on form, or there are also facial creams and masks made from fine stone powder for their properties. I use myself every morning this Rose Quartz Roller, a beauty secret from Chinese women for its soothing properties, it stimulates blood circulation and helps to insure a deep penetration of skin care products.

Our partners


Locaboat offers you the possibility of renting one of their 380 boats (no licence needed) to go on a cruise in France or in Europe. Spacious and well equipped, those ones will make you feel at home.


Poiray, an innovative jewellery brand, supplies a full range of interchangeable luxury watches. Notable for its small rectangular watches, the brand has had premises on Place Vendôme since 1973.


French femininity takes pride of place in items created by the Tara Jarmon brand, founded in 1986. Let yourself be tempted and surprised by the variety that can be found in their chic and elegant catalogue.


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