Amelie Nothomb

Amelie Nothomb

Discovery of an author,

Dear Readers,

As I often explained you, I am a passionate of literature. I haven’t got a favourite kind of reading. It depends of the author, his style, his capacity to captivate the reader. I love to discover new authors. Sometimes, with my friends, we settle in a Parisian terrace and we debate about our favourite authors during hours!

A literary tour

Earlier today, I left to join my friends in the neighbourhood of Ecole Militaire in Paris. Rocked by the wind and observing the leaves falling, I saw the autumn coming. My friends and I began a debate about a topic that we all love: our favourite authors. One of my friends started to talk to us about a Belgian author that he has discovered a short time ago: Amélie Nothomb. He talked to us about her books, staying blurred about the topic to give us the envy to read. However, he offered me a promising foretaste evocating few romans whose the story took place in Japan. I wondered so: What better than a book to offer me the occasion to travel? At the end of the afternoon, leaving my friends, I directed myself to a library to buy a book of Amelie Nothomb. After this purchase, I decided to go reading in the gardens of the Champ-de-Mars. Settle on a bench, time passed without I could notice anything. I devoured the book. Pages increases in speed whereas I was absorbed by the story. When I close the book, I raised my head, I realized that the light of the day weakened. I haven’t seen the time passed: Amelie Nothomb made me travel. Few minutes ago, I was in Japan with the hero, observing her life, her story. And now, I was back in Paris, in the Jardins du Champ-de-Mars, observing the arrival of the autumn.

Happy about this discovery, I came back to the hotel La Bourdonnais. Arriving in my room, I turned on TV. What wasn’t my surprise when I saw on a programme called “Parfums d’enfance”: Amélie Nothomb interviewed, in the hotel where I was! I listened to the woman and I discovered her. Amazed by so much reflexion, she left me thoughtful when she told: “The characteristic of books is that each reader is the author”.

See you soon!

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