At the discovery of the Traveller

At the discovery of the Traveller

The art of living

Dear all readers,

Through the artist’s lifetime of my mother I’ve always visited the best classics ballets performance all around the world. I can tell that the best way to escape from worries of an everyday life is the work of travelling.

It is such a joy to open oneself to other cultures with different kind of music and experiment new flavours.

St Petersbourg, New York, Pekin or Sidney, after each journey I was thrilled by having memories to bring back or amazing stories inspired by a variety of influences to telI to my classmates. All thoses fleeting treasures could open them a kind of a window over the world and I must tell that I loved to talk about what I have seen or liked. I realised that the world was vast and nuanced in which you could never get bored.

Monsieur Inwood

Today, I still travel in search of exotics perfumes so they can nourrish my architectural works. Behind each project realisation, there is one country, one good music, one fascinating smile, one warm meal.

In Paris the atmosphere of the hotel La Bourdonnais reminds me all thoses « premières » sensations which made me. I have had the opportunity to dream the life I choose, the life of Dandy captivated by Art.

Painted decorations and historics influences are the essence of the hotel La Bourdonnais. I think it is the best introduction to Paris for travelers, adventurers and dreamers in love with the goddess of lights.

Don’t forget to feel the life you choose by exploring the entire world !

See you soon,

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