Catacombs of Paris

Catacombs of Paris


Through my articles, I like to present to you places, monuments and Parisian events that have marked my spirit. You may doubt it, but I have an adventuress inside me. I have a strong desire for adventure and visits to the capital's unusual places are ways to satisfy them, which always guarantee me great pleasure. The subject discussed today in this article highlights an emblematic and unusual place in Paris that is an integral part of his history, the catacombs.

The catacombs of Paris are perhaps the most mysterious place in the City of Light, the one that preserves the greatest number of questions and surely the most fascinating. Indeed, visiting it’s underground passages offers you a real leap into the past. Walking through the galleries of this real city, which has fled to a depth of 20 metres, gives you an adrenaline rush that no other Parisian museum, monument or exhibition will ever give you.

Anyway.... a visit that goes off the beaten track not to be missed during a stay in Paris.


I remember very well the only time I visited this place was during Halloween. You know those few days when you're looking for the most original costume, when horror movies are in the spotlight and candy disappears from the shelves. It’s in this atmosphere that I tried the devil by going underground to discover the catacombs that I had always refused to visit until now. And to be honest, it was an adventure I will never forget. Walking through the tunnels allowed me, beyond the unusual visit, to learn stories about Paris and discover new facets of my city that I was far from suspecting.

I therefore advise you to visit the catacombs, an essential visit if you want to know Paris differently!

"Love, unusual and elegance"