A social practice

I regard French chocolate as a supreme art that must be enjoyed without moderation!

We have always shown a very great interest in the know-how and tradition of the chocolate industry. French chocolate has something unique and singular.

To make good chocolate, the Swiss added milk, the Belgians sugar and pralines. In France, chocolate is intense, pure and not very sweet.

This art which is now an integral part of the French gastronomy, is more than just food. Do you know that it is considered as a true social practice?

The candy most appreciated by the French is, indeed, intended to celebrate the most important moments of our life. It creates links and allows the exchange, the gift. The Chocolate is present and appreciated in festive occasion such as Easter, Christmas, Valentine's day or at weddings, births and birthdays.

Between varietal and terroirs

I like to compare chocolate to a product dear to the hearts of the French, the wine!

Like Wine, the Chocolate has a wide range of products, an incredible richness making its tasting very interesting. Cocoa can be regarded as grape varieties. There are various kinds that give very different aromas!

Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, the lands of this countries gives the beans distinctive flavours. The planter, similar to the winemaker, provides quality and conservation. Once in France, the beans then go into the hands of the chocolate makers for an ultimate transformation!

My dear readers, we can compare the Chocolate Wine but it is also possible to combine it! Both products match one another perfectly for the delight both of the eyes and the taste buds.

See you soon!