Art likes to appear under varied forms, it likes to renew and to reinvent itself. One of those form to which people do not necessarily think when you speak of art is the one of motion. The art of motion, or more commonly known under the name of dance ;), is to me a way of expressing one’s emotions, it’s a way for interpreting the music. Dancing allows showing the feelings that a music can give to someone.  

Dance is present in every culture. Often associated to the joy and to the fest, it was first used as a rite, to give courage for example.

What I like with dance is that it allows you to enter in a different state of consciousness. When you dance, when you let yourself go with the music’s flow and that you forget yourself in it, you discover something. You’re not really here anymore, passion is driving your body.


I’ve tried my hand at dancing recently. I wanted it since a pretty long time, different styles have been attracting me, but my choice ended on salsa to begin. It’s a dance that I like because it is sensual without being vulgar. Salsa takes two and it mainly comes from Cuba (there are three types of salsa: Cuban, Puerto Rican and Columbiana).

What I found particular with salsa is the way you count the beats to dance. We’re used to dance on each beat, but salsa “removes” some of the beats. That is to say that you don’t count 1 2 3 4 then 5 6 7 8 but 1 2 3 and then 5 6 7. You don’t mark the fourth and the eighth beats (even if they’re here), it’s pretty disorienting at the beginning, it makes more difficult the assimilation of the rhythm. But because I like the challenges I’m happy to have the opportunity of learning some new things. Maybe that within a few months I might call myself a salsera.

I can only advise you to try this dance to warm yourself while waiting for the arrival of next summer.

« Love, dance and delight »