Deyrolle, a curiosity cabinet

Deyrolle, a curiosity cabinet


Summer has finally arrived. The return of the sunny days is a bit of a revival when you live in Paris. The capital is back in the spotlight, Parisians are taking full advantage of all the wonders the city has to offer and the atmosphere is fabulous. It is during this season that I most appreciate the City of Lights, Parisian life is in full swing and strolling around Paris once again becomes an immense pleasure. So I take advantage of my weekends to go for a walk, whether for shopping, to go to the museum or without a precise goal, I always experience magical moments during my Parisian walks.
Recently, I went to the 6th arrondissement of Paris near Saint-Sulpice, a Parisian district that I particularly like. Despite its image as a chic and upper district, this part of the 6th arrondissement is full of unusual places that must be discovered.


Let me introduce you to a place as odd as it is magnificent, a boutique that will take you on a journey in an instant, the Cabinet des Curiosités Deyrolle. Located on rue du Bac, this store seems rather banal at first sight. Indeed, there is nothing extravagant about its façade, quite the contrary.  However, once you enter, you discover a new world far from Paris. This office offers you an exceptional and unusual journey, on the edge of the fantastic. You can admire an impressive collection of stuffed animals, fossilized shells, but also rare, antique and exotic objects. Like a natural history museum, this cabinet of curiosities will satisfy your cultural appetite with its many books and wallcharts in zoology, botany, geography, human anatomy and geology.
I particularly enjoyed wandering between these amazing, unique and exceptional pieces and I strongly recommend that you experience it, Maison Deyrolle will amaze and surprise you!

"Art, Curiosity and Journey"