Le Marché Saint-Pierre

Le Marché Saint-Pierre

Kingdom of cloth

The Marché Saint-Pierre is my Parisian reference!

Once a seamstress's paradise, today it attracts lovers of fashion and beautiful things.

Located at the foot of the Butte Montmartre, Marché Saint-Pierre is the kingdom of fabrics. You will find in this store all kinds of fabrics that can exist: lightweight fabric, woven, mesh, linen or satin ... you will not miss a choice to create your clothes!

It is a wonderful place that makes you want to get serious about sewing. Its important choice of fabrics will awaken your creativity.

Once inside the store, close your eyes and let yourself be guided by the fabrics, the frills, the sound of scissors and fabrics that tears...


Do it yourself

In my youth, I frequented the Saint-Pierre Market. With the fabric that I had carefully chosen, my grandmother used to make me beautiful dresses for the summer.

Today, I like to create my own clothes! Once the basics are mastered, we can give free rein to his creativity...

Sewing clothes allows you to adopt a unique style, perfectly to his taste!

Sewing is resurfacing and more and more enthusiasts are creating their own clothes and accessories.

I was able to show my creativity and my know-how through the creation of clothes!

Arm yourself with patience, make a garment will take a lot of time but you will not be disappointed with the result!

"Fashion, Love and Elegance"