Monsieur Inwood

Monsieur Inwood

Good morning, everyone,

I am called Monsieur Inwood, smitten of Arts of Living and I love to be in the boutique-hotels of the group Inwood Hotels. I was born on the 21st June 1981 in Paris. After my arts studies, I’ve been to New York, where I could work on the interiors decors for palaces and hotels in the whole world. Back in Paris, I decided to open my own agency to realize more authentic projects. Devoted to arts and travels, I love to combine my various artistic influences with my taste for the warm materials. In love with the French Arts of Living, I transcribe all which inspire me in my travel notebooks.

Impregnated by the Traveller’s Art of Living, I elaborated intense and sharp atmosphere which permit me to play with materials, shades and lights. With the Traveller’s Art of living, you will find my passion for travel, the places that I appreciate and the coming events which won’t fail to passionate you.

See you soon!


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