Sainte Marthe Square

Sainte Marthe Square

A village in the city

In the heart of the 10th arrondissement is located a small and charming place, Place Sainte Marthe!

From this place emerges a pleasant atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. The streets built in the 19th century, long populated by workers and craftsmen, give this place a village feel.

The small place Sainte-Marthe is hidden in the middle of a narrow street network. Among these alleys is the rue Sainte-Marthe with a southern side that recalls the streets of Naples or Marseilles.

Stroll through the picturesque Sainte-Marthe neighborhood to get away from the Parisian tumult! You will discover authentic places of life with terraces of bistrots, concerts, artists' studios, flea markets and original restaurants offering specialties from around the world!

Romantic Paris

I remember one of those dinners that I made Place Sainte Marthe with Mlle Inwood. An exceptional dinner where great French gastronomy and gaiety were in company!

The water still comes to my mouth, reminding me of the sole with white wine and truffles that I have tasted, a dream...

Mlle Inwood was very elegant, she wore a long silk dress with warm and bright colors, it was difficult not to notice her. The dress was perfect for her! She seemed proud and determined and gave the impression of thinking of something important. Her irresistible smile and sweet troubled me.

Delicious cuisine, attentive service, the warmth of candles, all the ingredients were there for a romantic dinner in a most soothing atmosphere!

See you soon!