The Bastille district

The Bastille district


I am a great lover of Paris. This beautiful city inspires me, fascinates me and makes me dream every day. I have always been a Parisian and I hope to remain for a long time. I love my city between his history, his modernity and his diversity, the City of Light always fills me with pleasure. Regardless of my moods, the seasons and the years that pass, my admiration for the capital is intact.

I like to share my love of Paris with you through my articles. This transmission takes different forms, presentations of museums, events or addresses that I think are essential.  Today, I have decided to write to you about a district that is very popular with Parisians but still a little neglected by tourists, Bastille.


The Bastille district is a Parisian place to discover. Formerly a suburb of the capital, his few streets are full of history. His place, which is located in the heart of the district, is a true symbol of the French Revolution. Today has managed to reinvent itself and become one of the trendiest addresses in Paris. With its many cafés, bars and restaurants, it’s an essential part of Parisian evenings.

This place has many facets. Indeed, it is also easy to enjoy the simple moments of Parisian life. Like the Aligre market where you can find all kinds of food.  A real place to live in, where it’s nice to stroll on Sundays in search of the best products to cook your Sunday meal.  I also love going to the bar Les Petits Crus, located at 5 minutes by walk from the Place de la Bastille, this Wine Bar is a friendly and beautiful place where I always enjoy going for a good glass of wine after work, with my colleagues or friends.

Bastille is therefore, in my opinion, a Parisian district not to be missed, a dynamic and cosmopolitan place where you can enjoy Parisian life at any time of the day.  

"Love, Paris and elegance"