The exhibition The Globes in 3D

The exhibition The Globes in 3D

The Globes in 3D

Dear Readers,

Amateur of history, art and travel, this is, particularly, in celestial and terrestrial globe that I find serenity. This is with emotion that I glimpse, through those pieces of art historical moments. During those quiet moments, I remind me those episodes during my childhood when I imagined myself as a conqueror, a traveller or an explorer, searching unknown places where I could find a playground for my aspirations of this period.

As years went by, my aspirations have changed… However, globes have stayed one of my sources of inspiration. 

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France

A few time ago, I was consulting specialized revues about architecture in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, when, animated by a need of intellectual travel, I decided to open the exhibition’s doors of the “Globes 3D”. This is how I conquered note one globe, but of several globes. So, I browsed the few meters which separated me from the spheres when few feelings invaded me: happiness, curiosity, emotion… This is how I entered in this place. And, with a certain wonder, I discovered spheres, celestials ones, terrestrial ones which remind me childhood. I was filled by those artistic wonders, when, suddenly, I saw, by far, digital pictures. Intrigued, I walked, as the explorer in quest of discovers to find: digital globes.  At first, astonished, then impressed, I felt full of travel needs: in the seas, in lands, in airs… I needed discoveries, cultures, new faces, landscapes…

I finally decided to come back to the hotel La Bourdonnais. I settled myself in their tea place, one of the most soothing places I have ever known in Paris, to read again the biography of Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais, common inspiration source to this hotel, as me.  I have stayed for a while, in this haven of peace, full of evasion needs, new philosophies, new knowledges, because, as Emile Zola said "Nothing develop intellect as travels”.

See you soon,

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