The Paris of the future

The Paris of the future

The city and its evolution

Dear readers,

The future is so fascinating and so interesting. I often dream of travelling in the time, where I go through different ages and where I found the old Paris.

But, recently I found myself more interested in the future of our cities and the way that technological evolutions are changing our constructions and our urban and architectural renovations.

Today it is impossible for the simple man to tell us what will be our tools from now until 5 or 10 years. We also can tell how we will live because the evolution is so fast since the 21th century.

As an architect, we are interested by those evolutions because they concerns us in the way we lived. The evolution of the home control is an example of those evolutions, such as the 3D print those new was of productions. They all have an impact on our job and on people around us. 

Future is close

So I found myself in thinking about how Paris will be in the future. We already can have an image thanks to the work that have been realised and those which are going to be realised soon in this town that we love so much.

For example, the town hall get a call to a project called “reinvent Paris”, an architectural contest which can help abandoned places of the capital by putting them at the centre of ecology and preservation of biodiversity.

Walls recovered of ivies, participative vegetable garden, woods structures and “zero carbon” district are the listing of the project. The goal is to put nature in the centre of the city in order to go through the ambient pollution and the climatic changing.

I encourage all the Parisian citizens to go in this sense because, as Kant said “ the nature act, the man do” and the future of our town and our planet is in our hands.

See you soon!