The skating rinks of Paris

The skating rinks of Paris

A glittering winter

My dears readers,

I woke up this morning in a good mood, I can not tell you why, I can not tell you how, I was simply happy. You may know this feeling of inexplicable joy, which awakens your senses and makes you want to smile perpertually. Yes, you know the sensation when you wake up, the one which gives you the intuition that whatever will happen, it will be a wonderful day.

It was a particularly cold winter day, although it was very sunny and I wanted at all costs to enjoy this effervescnce of joy of life for a memorable day. For more that 20 years now, with the approach of the holidays, I share a tradition with my two young cousins Agathe and Constance. We meet at the hotel La Bourdonnais to delight us with a scented vanilla tea. Once the beverage has been consumed, we set out for one of the skating rinks set up by the city of Paris during the winter season.

The ice skating

Not having the chance to have snow in our beautiful capital, we try to feel the freshness of the mountain by treading our skates. Last year we shared this moment on the ice rink of the Grand Palais, this years, it will be the one of the Eiffel Tower.

What a pleasure to be able to feel sliding on this flat surface, while admiring the majectic urban landscape that offers us Paris at this altitude. Certainly one must be patient to reach this 7th heaven and have the privilege of skating there, but is not it said that patience is a noble virtue ? Personnaly, this is a moment that I would not miss for anything in the world, especially for the presence of these two people that I cherish so much.

I’m not a brilliant skater, but I like the metaphor that this sport provides with falling and constantly having to get up. When it comes time to leave the rink, we like to sit on the steps of the Trocadero, like children, waiting impatiently to see our Iron Lady scintillate.

I returned to La Bourdonnais peacefully, thanking my life for having given me such a beautiful day. I will conclude this anecdote by this famous quotation from Christophe McCandless « Happyness only real when shared ».

See you soon !

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