The UEFA 2016

The UEFA 2016

The EURO EUFA 2016

Dear all readers,

Just Yesterday, I had a walk in the 7th district of Paris and seeing far ahead a multicolored wave of Europeans flags, I could not resist from making a detour on my initial route. Lost in my thoughts, I had almost forgotten that France welcomed one of the biggest sportive events of the year : The EURO UEFA 2016.

The Champ de Mars is at this moment lulled by the cultural pluralism, a common place where the languages are mixing and blending through the supporter’s songs. I can remember when I was a child, crossing the major world cities where I could felt deep inside me the benefits of the sharing and of the cultural diversity.

At the discover of the Champ de Mars

At the age of 12, I lost my parents in the streets of Rome during a Sunday walk. My parents found me shortly after, I got caught by the festive atmosphere which emanated from a group of supporters who were celebrating cheerfully the success of the team of soccer of the Italian capital. It is not until long after that I discovered the virtues of this sport, soccer is above all to be together, share a moment and take advantage of the present moment. A sport which has succeeded to make me discover the values of the mutual aid and of the collective.

Next to my passage through the Champ de Mars, I had the desire to visiting an establishment which is dear to my heart : the hotel La Bourdonnais. I have not been disappointed to see others communities reunited together at Paris in this haven of peace at the occasion of the feast of this wonderful game which is the soccer.

Don’t forget my dear readers, the sportive show is above all a collective celebration where emotions shared are source of joy and happiness.

See you soon,

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