Travel through the spices

Travel through the spices

Culinary world tour

Dear Readers,

Younger, when I was sick, my grandmother gave me spices to treat me: milk with cinnamon for cough, tea with turmeric for stomach, beef stew with ginger against the influenza… My grandmother had a gift to find a spice for each of my pains. When she served me one of those spices, she often told me stories to brighten up those moments. The Gingerbread man, Hansel and Gretel, the stories of adventurer as Christopher Columbus or Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais.

The shop Roellinger

Currently, spices have lots of effects on me. They console me by reminding me my childhood and make me travel. India, Africa, China… Spices offer us a culinary world tour. When I organize a diner with friends, Roellinger is the perfect shop for me. Partisan of taste, I love to make my guests guess what they are eating. I enter in the shop and I feel the impress of travel. This mix of smells, colours and textures… My senses wake up! Smell, taste, view, touch work as same time to find the good spice which will brighten up correctly my dinner. One of the sellers assists me during my choice, guides me and, happy I leave, excited with the idea of making my friends discovers new spices.

When I arrive at the hotel La Bourdonnais, I am waiting for my friends, spices in my bag, book in my hand. I have a glance at the quest of Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais and I almost hear the voice of my grandmother who is reading his story. I think about those pains and about the spices given to treat me. Indeed, as Hippocrates told it “Let the food be the medicine”.

See you soon!

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