Winter Holidays

Winter Holidays


Unusual Stay

Winter holidays are for me synonymous with winter sports. This is the long-sought opportunity to escape everyday life and to take a breath of fresh air!

Skiing is not the only reason that drives me to join the mountain in winter. I decided to live new sensations and share moments with family or friends that are not only centred on skiing!

Golf or yoga on the snow, ice climbing, outdoor pools ... there is something for everyone!

So if you are not a big ski fan, the mountain will surprise you!



Ski Chic

Once your holidays are organized, a new dilemma head yet again!

You know like me that it is not easy to combine style and comfort for the practice of sliding sports! For a winter at the top, here are some tips!

First of all, replace your ski suit for a down jacket-pants set. I advise you to bet on a black ski pants, relatively sober.

For your future coat, forget the prints and beware of pastel colours, it is better to choose dark monochrome sets giving a retro feminine and charming side.

The ideal shoes? After an intense and sporty day, adopt a pair of leather ankle boots that combine style, comfort and authenticity.

The choice of your glasses is also important. I opted this year for glasses with a "Retro" style, round shape that express a certain character and sign a unique style.

You can now hit the slopes with peace of mind thanks to these little fashion tips! Now that your special winter sports dress guard is ready, you just have to pack your bags!

"Fashion, Love and Elegance"